Isabella Rossellini”s Short Film Series ”Green Porno” to

  NEW YORK, March 13 /PRNewswire/ — Isabella Rossellini”s eight-part short film series about the sex life of insects and various creatures “Green Porno,” will premiere on and on HELIO”s mobile service on May 5, 2008. The series will be available on Sundance Channel VOD in June, 2008 and will air on Sundance Channel in July, 2008. A selection of Rossellini”s “Green Porno” shorts premiered at the 2008 Sundance Film Festival and the 2008 Berlin international Film Festival. The series will be available beginning May 5th, 2008 at; for more information on HELIO go to

Meant to be shown individually or as a series, the “Green Porno” films are a comical, but insightful study of the curious ways certain creatures “make love.” The inventive costumes and colorful sets contribute to the playfulness of the films. Their graphic look was specifically conceived for smaller screens such as cellular phones, computers, and various mobile devices.

“I”ve always been interested in animals and animal behavior,” said Rossellini. “I wanted people to laugh, but then to leave and say, ”Wow, I didn”t know about that.” That was my green intervention. It was to make people aware of animal life.”

The Green Porno minisite,, will feature all 8 films and exclusive web only interviews with Isabella Rossellini and the cast and crew, exclusive photo galleries of behind the scenes shots, making of footage and samples of Isabella Rossellini”s hand drawn storyboards. The exclusive web content also explores the challenges and opportunities associated with creating short films for ”small screens” — namely the internet and mobile devices.

“”Green Porno” was conceived and made for small screens so it”s only fitting that we launch the films online and via mobile devices,” said Christopher Barry Sundance Channel Senior Vice President Digital Media and Business Strategy. “These shorts are perfect for digital viewing: they are concise, engaging and entertaining pieces that explore the sex lives of nature”s smallest creatures.”

“Green Porno has the right balance of entertainment and education for our members,” said Rob Gelick, Vice President of Media and Community Services at Helio. “The series will be available across all of Helio”s devices and featured in the ”Give A Damn” channel which offers the best mobile content themed around socially conscious issues.”

“Green Porno” is conceived, written by and featuring Rossellini. Firefly, Dragonfly and Spider are directed by Rossellini; Bee, Praying Mantis, Worm, Snail, and Fly are directed by Rossellini and Jody Shapiro (producer of The Saddest Music in the World and My Dad is 100 Years Old). They are produced by Rossellini, Shapiro and Rick Gilbert in association with Sundance Channel.

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Source: Sundance Channel

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